Pulling together

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In the 36 hours since my friend stopped me in the liftline and said, “Did you hear?”, I have been constantly struck by how deeply we all feel the loss of Marc Paul Decoteau.  Mike Aronson managed to give voice to my own sorrow and frustration this afternoon when he said, “We all feel like we’ve lost our own child.”  I saw so many friends from town today; everyone is in shock, and everyone is terribly saddened by our loss, but also deeply concerned for Nancy, Mark, Maddie and Andrew.

On Tuesday evening,  there will be a Pot Luck supper from 6-8 pm in the Community Room at the Waterville Valley Recreation Center. This is a community get-together to support the  Decoteaus,  who will be attending.  Please call the Rec Center at 236-4695 to sign up and let them know what you are bringing.

It is somehow fitting that I received a note tonight from Donna Devlin of Theatre Under the Stars. Marc Paul was a mainstay of their early productions, and they have changed their website to a tribute to Marc.  Please visit their site and share a memory of Marc.

Theatre Under the Stars Website

I know this summer, as the sun falls behind Mount Tecumseh and the Theatre Under The Stars actors take to the stage, I will think of Marc and wish he was there on the lawn, laughing with his friends and enjoying the show.


One aspect of being part of a small, tightly-knit community is how profoundly we all feel the loss of one of our own.  The Waterville Valley Foundation board of directors wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to Nancy and Mark Decoteau and family.  No words can adequately express our sorrow, or our appreciation for all you do for our community and for all you have given.


Ups and downs

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It’s been a day, a week, a year of ups and downs for us all.  As I write this, it’s 1 degree outside, with the wind whipping several inches of fresh snow around like a dervish — and this four days after warm rains pummeled the snowpack.  The economy, too, has had its ups and downs, with a two-year gut-wrenching slide in every market, followed by a dramatic run-up in 2009.   2010 is starting out with volatility in all things… weather, politics, economy.  All in all, it makes you long for firmer (or perhaps snowier) ground to stand on.

It’s gratifying to report that, in our small community, the Waterville Valley Foundation continues to find that firm ground.  As of this week, well over fifty donors have stepped forward to support our annual fund, giving generously in spite of the unpredictable economy and recent market volatility. Their kindness allows the Foundation to continue supporting the things that make Waterville Valley unique.  We sincerely thank these supporters for their generosity.